Wheels and Tires for MG ZR 2008 1.4i

The selection of wheels and tires for your MG must be made carefully, with consideration for several factors, including the type of car, the dimensions, and the manner in which the vehicle is used, with respect to the routes that are taken on a daily basis.
Here you find sizes of tires, wheels, rims, spacing screws and the rear of the vehicle for the brand MG ZR 2008 1.4i

Tires for MG ZR 2008 1.4i

205/50 R16
205/45 R17

Wheels for MG ZR 2008 1.4i


Rims technical details for MG ZR 2008 1.4i

Number of Holes
Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)
100 millimeters
Hub Bore (DIA)
56.1 millimeters
Number of Holes: The number of lug holes is simply the number of holes in the wheel used to mount the wheel on the vehicle.
PCD: The pitch circle diameter represents the spacing of the lug holes.
Hub Bore: The center bore of the wheel is the machined circular hole on the back of a wheel. The center bore opening is machined precisely to center the wheel on the hub of the vehicle.
Payment methods Payment methods
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