4GO RV588 BMF 15x6.5"/4x98mm

4GO 4GO RV588 BMF 15x6.5"/4x98mm Alloy wheel 4GO RV588 - size 15x6.5inches/4x98mm BMF. 4GO RV588 wheels and their price, specs, reviews and picture
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4GO RV588 BMF Wheels - 15x6.5inches/4x98mm
Alloy Wheels
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Key information:
The main production plant of 4GO wheels is located in Russia.
A wheel with a bolt pattern of 4 X 98 would have 4 lug holes and a PCD of 98 mm.
A wheel has a size of 15x6.5 inches.

When you decide to make a purchase, contact the seller to check the specifications, which are of the most importance to you.

Wheel 4GO RV588 15x6.5"/4x98mm Specs

Rim Brand: 4GO
Model: RV588

General technical Specifications

Country of Manufacture: Russia
Rim Material: Alloy

Wheel Size

Rim Width: 6.5 inches
Rim Diameter: 15 inches
Bolt Pattern (Number of Holes): 4
Bolt Pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter): 98 millimeters
Offset: 35 millimeters
Center Bore Diameter: 58.6 millimeters

Features and Functions

Exterior (Color): BMF

Questions and customer reviews wheel 15x6.5"/4x98mm - 4GO RV588

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Wheels 4GO RV588 BMF 15x6.5"/4x98mm suitable for car models

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Wheel 4GO RV588 BMF 15x6.5inches/4x98mm - picture, photo, image